Adjustable Active RFID Reader with a Built in Omni-Directional Antenn

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Asset Tracking ( has released its adjustable long range active RFID reader. Users can adjust the RFID transponder identification distance from 5 to 100m in order to make the identification more accurate for the specific environment.

This advanced RFID reader operates at the unlicensed frequency of 2.45GHz and thus can be utilized anywhere. It is equipped with a built-in ommi-directional antenna that enables it to identify tagged items within 100m in all directions and at an identification speed of 100 tags per second. The long-distance RFID reader is well suited for many applications including personnel tracking, logistics and warehouse management, closed loop asset tracking and high value asset tracking. This adjustable active RFID reader, model 217001, available from GAO RFID Asset Tracking provides both direct mode and buffering mode data collection. In direct mode, the reader uploads tag data to the host system in real time. In buffering mode, the reader receives and saves tag data which are only uploaded when requested by the host system. The reader utilizes an advanced 0.18 CMOS IC giving it the feature of ultra low power consumption. The portable RFID reader offers a large memory capacity and can store the data from the last 800 tags read.

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