introduces a range of Branded Watches for your valentine

Watches have always been one of the most sought-after gift items for loved ones. They have been given to a son when he is about to give the most important examination of his life so that he fares well.

Watches have been one of the most effective tools in saying how much one appreciates his/her loved ones. has introduced a wide range of watches that will suit every mood, every occasion and every person. These watches are up for grabs for anyone who wants to send them as gifts to their loved ones in India.We all know that watches have always been special gifts. It does not only merely mean a simple gift; it is symbolic of passing a token of responsibility. Watches are also preserved as the memorial of someone who is no more. The watches have always been thought of something special. The trend of gifting watches has been an elite tradition from always. Even today, gifting watches is considered to be classy and traditional. Be it a wedding gift, an achievement, a birthday or a simply “Miss you”, watches have always been an instrument of expression. has introduced premium brands like Angora, Giordano, Jean Fendi for the customers who really want to treat their loved ones back in India, exclusively. The elaborate collection will help those who want to gift their loved ones in India with the right gift. The watches will be couriered from the head office and so will take between 3-4 working days for the gifts to reach the intended recipient. The company services across 500+ destination spanning the length and breath of India and so gifting that precious watch is now much more feasible.

Our company CEO, Mr.Amit Desai says, “Watches can bridge the wide geographical boundaries to signify to the loved ones how much timeless they are in the person’s life, so send  watches to your loved ones in India.” has always endeavoured to take the relationships between people a step further by helping them to express love, even if they are far away.

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