New Internet Store For U.K Designer/Makers To Sell Their Products is a new internet store that allows skilled designer/makers  sell their products. The site is free to join. The makers-online team upload the images of the designers product range, they market and advertise the site to promote the designer and their products.

The aim of the site is to help individuals who have little technical or marketing skill establish a presence on the internet take a small commission on each sale, so the designer/makers as no financial outlay or risk and only pays a commission when their products sell.The site caters for the handmade market with products  such as, handbags, jewellery, purses, ceramics and household items.

The makers-online site is designed to be both simple and elegant to ensure it only focuses on the products and not on the site, its simplicity provides a good experience for the user it offers great value to the customer and also to the designer/makers who feature on it.

to experience the site go to

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