When Swine Flu Meets Fashion

Loerrach, Germany  With the unveiling of their stylish line of surgical face mask covers, German Start Up Stylemask.com proves that fashion and protection can coexist. The masks featured on Stylemask.com are designed to fit snugly over surgical face masks to provide a fashion-friendly way for you to protect yourself from airborne epidemics.

With the threat of bird flu, swine flu, and SARS, people are instinctively taking extra precautions to safeguard their health so it’s no wonder surgical face masks are flying off shelves in droves. And everyone knows that when you’ve got a mass of people wearing surgical masks on their faces, it’s not only scary, but fashionably depressing.But who says you have to cramp your style in the name of protection? Certainly not Stylemask.com, as this brilliant company has rolled out a line of designer face mask covers to lift moods, and appease the fashionista in you.

“I was strolling thru the city of Hong Kong (during my holiday this summer), and I saw all the businessmen wearing their luxurious suits, and ugly white or greenish face masks. It looked sort of weird, so I immediately thought of creating something more fashionable and unique” says the 31-year old creator of Stylemask.com, Andreas Zoerb.

Zoerb goes on to say, “Stylemask.com is the first company to offer handcrafted, designer face mask covers that fit over medical masks to give wearers a sense of style without compromising their safety.”

Patrons who are interested in getting their hands on a fashionable mask cover from Stylemask.com can cruise the website, and choose from a variety of styles to accommodate any type of attire  from casual, to business, to ballroom bests. And it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, Stylemasks.com offers protective face mask covers for everyone to enjoy.

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Sender Name:                    Andreas Zoerb

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