New whale watching exhibit under construction at the Husavik Whale Museum

Husavik Whale MuseumThe Whale Watching room in the Husavik Whale Museum is now under renovation. Guests visiting this part of the museum in the future will be able to experience a real “whale watching feeling” as they will be aboard a whale watching boat.

North Sailing has donated a replica of the front deck of a Knorrinn, their first whale watching boat, to the Husavik Whale Museum. A room has been created in which the boat will be exhibited with a panorama picture of the Skjalfandi bay covering the walls of the room, making the experience even more realistic for the visitors.

The exhibit, as well as being a unique experience, will feature information about whale species in the Skjalfandi bay, the history of whale watching in Iceland and also guidelines on sustainable whale watching. The exhibit will open in April or May 2010, at the beginning of next season.

The Husavik Whale Museum is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1997 with the main aim of providing detailed and interesting information about whales and their habitat. The Whale Museum forms the educational component to the whale watching trips enjoyed in Husavik during the summer months.

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