Motivational Speaking – Speech Essentials

Making a speech is challenging and much more if you have to be motivating your audience in your speech. Motivational speaking involves a lot of careful thinking and proper preparation so that the speaker will be able to assume the best and the audience will enjoy the speech.

But before you climb up the stage and hope for the best, you’ll have to be challenged by thinking out how your speech is going to go ‘ remember, preparation is key to motivational speaking. To make a speech as engaging as possible, take note of these speech essentials:Short Speeches

No one likes long speeches. No matter how inspiring you may think you are or how funny you think you’re being, long speeches become boring in the long hand; and at times confuse the audience of whether you were supposed to be motivational or simply funny. Motivational speaking  should be short enough to keep the audience’s attention but long enough to prove its point.

Add Humor

No matter who you’re talking to ” old or business people, teenagers or children, you have to consider a bit of humor in your motivational speaking. Humor keeps the audience alive and interested in listening. Don’t be too funny for you may sound too much like a comedy star in a bar or something. Be funny, but keep straight to your point. Remember, youre there to be engaging and not to be mocked or look like a fool.

Visual Aids

To help people concentrate on the main points of your speech, prepare colored, interesting visual aids to use during your motivational speaking. People like to see evidence of what you’re talking about. They want proof, need proof to believe and be convinced. Use colored graphs or pictures, prepare tables and discuss briefly with the audience to help them understand. Converse as if you and the audience are having a simple conversation.


Don’t make the speech complicated. Create a speech that follows a short outline and don’t stray throughout your motivational speaking. Keep it short at 3-4 main topics only and aim to make the points stick with the right speech essentials. Through proper outlining, you’re able to keep your audience in the right track.

Preparation is key to all motivational speaking tips. Without the right preparation and knowledge, you may find yourself looking like a fool instead of being inspirational. Motivational speaking takes a lot of time to prepare to assume the best results.

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