Iceland boasts Europe’s Best International Airport

Keflavik International AirportAccording to the September 2009 Airports Service Quality survey conducted by the Airport Council International (ACI), Keflavik International Airport, Iceland, has been appointed as the best airport in Europe for the first nine months of last year for its customer satisfaction and duty free shopping.

The ACI’s prestigious survey is the world’s leading airport customer satisfaction standard, with around 130 airports taking part. Specified within the passenger survey, travellers described Keflavik International Airport as comforting, cosy and with a friendly atmosphere. Passengers also indicated their gratification with the airport’s huge range of duty free stores.

The airports shopping area hosts eighteen retailers in total that sell a range of items from electrical goods to high-street clothing, all at reduced prices. Confectionary items, liquor, cosmetics and tobacco are also widely available. In addition to this, due to the favourable rate of currency exchange, Iceland is becoming cheaper by the day for visiting travellers.

Keflavik International Airport has been referred to as the central hub for travel within the Atlantic as it is the prime stopover destination for passengers across the globe. Over twenty destinations throughout North America, Continental Europe, Scandinavia and the UK can all be accessed by connecting flights from Icelandair.

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