CTI Group Launches the Analysis 7 “MNC” Reporting Module to help multinationals cut costs by unifying their telecoms billing, analysis and reporting

To satisfy demand from multinational corporations (MNCs) keen to centralise and control their telecoms billing and analysis across the globe, CTI Group is to launch a new ”MNC” Reporting Module.

The additional module on the company’s Analysis 7 tool, gives authorised staff within the management teams of larger corporate businesses a detailed analytical view of their entire telecoms usage from across the nation or globe via one central application, delivered in the format and the currency of their choice.

Andy Wilson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing International at CTI Group comments: ”In the current economic climate, businesses with multiple offices; regionally or internationally, are looking for ways to unify their various billing solutions into one platform. This not only makes it easier to manage, but also gives those staff a clear outline of spend, presenting it in a format that highlights areas that can be streamlined and usage that can be better managed.”

Until now, telecom carriers have been unable to meet MNC expectations by not providing a centralised, clear, unified reporting mechanism, as highlighted in a recent survey by analysts Ovum, which demonstrated the gap between the billing and analysis functionality currently provided, and that which is actually required in the field by MNCs.

”Larger businesses out there are looking for a carrier that provides bulk purchasing discounts, centralised billing, currency exchange, taxation reporting and policy control across their entire business. Working together with the Telco, CTI Group and Analysis 7 can provide the tools required to meet these needs. The application requires minimal training to get started and the simple to use interface gives management teams the opportunity to analyse their contract according to their corporate criteria; it can be integrated into existing telco or MNC portals; helping them to get the best from their provider,” adds Wilson.

For more information regarding Analysis 7 please visit http://www.ctigroupuk.com

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