Icelandair offers transatlantic flights to North America and Europe

Icelandair - Transatlantic FlightsIceland’s International Airport in Keflavik has been credited as the central hub for travel between North America and Europe as Iceland’s number one airline, Icelandair, provide connecting flights to over twenty destinations throughout Scandinavia, Mainland Europe, North America, and the United Kingdom.

Keflavik International Airport, in addition to being the central hub for travel, was recently acknowledged as the best airport in Europe for the first 9 months of 2009 by ACI’s (Airport Council International) Airports Service Quality survey. Around 130 airports take part in the survey and it is consequently the world’s leading airport customer satisfaction standard. Travellers passing through Keflavik International Airport described it as comforting, cosy and with a friendly atmosphere.

Much of the traffic coming to, from and passing through Iceland’s airport is due to Icelandair’s outstanding service, with transatlantic and European flights into and out of Iceland, connecting to over 20 destinations.

Icelandair, just like Keflavik Airport, offers a relaxing, comfortable and friendly atmosphere on all flights, making sure that every journey is a delightful and easy going one. Each and every Icelandair flight provides each passenger with sufficient leg space, complimentary drinks, a range of snacks and also free access to the touch screen in-flight entertainment system situated in the back of each headrest for ease of use. The entertainment system allows access to a wide selection of movies, programmes, computer games and music.

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