Luton Shows Brussels the Way on Climate Change

Residents of Luton will be amongst the first in the UK to test an innovative new social medial tool that is specially designed to make it easier than ever for them to let decision makers in Brussels know what they think about Climate Change.

WAVE, an EU-funded project aimed at engaging people in decision making, today announced the Luton launch of a state-of-the-art website ( that uses new argument visualisation tools to help people understand the relationship between local climate change initiatives and wider UK and EU policies.The project is being piloted in three European countries:  Lithuania, France and the UK.  Ken Bellamy, UK partner and Director of the European Centre of Excellence for AIDC said ”We are excited to help empower local people in Luton to speak up and let decision makers in the UK and Brussels know what they want from government climate change strategies.  Policymaking is often seen as elitist and beyond the reach of ordinary citizens.  WAVE aims to use new social media tools to make it easier for everyone to understand and debate complex policy issues like Climate Change.”

WAVE’s unique website provides a highly visual and easily accessible ”mind map” of information about local issues related to Climate Change such as proposed new wind farm in Biggleswade.  Citizens can use the map to find out how these new wind farms relate to wider UK and European legislation, and what their potential impact on the borough is likely to be.  They can then join in a debate with fellow citizens.  Throughout the project, their views will be summarized and fed back to local, national and European politicians to help them ‘see’ the way in which their policies affect areas like Luton and make more informed views in shaping future policies.

To join the debate and have your say on climate change go to and explore local issues.

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