Outdoor guided adventures with Vatnajokull Travel across Iceland Glacier

Vatnajokull-glacier74If incredible outdoor adventures surrounded by idyllic glacier scenery sounds like your thing, Vatnajokull Travel is the tour guide company for you. Vatnajokull Travel offers thrill seekers the chance of a lifetime with the ‘Blue Ice and Black Sand’ adventure tour during the summer months.

The ‘Blue Ice and Black Sand’ outdoor adventure beings at the little fishing town of Hofn, in South East Iceland. This small village occupies around 1800 people, and is home to the annual lobster festival, held on the first weekend of July. Here adventurers get to experience, by boat, the mythical glacier lagoon Jokulsarlon up close.

Next is an exhilarating ATV tour of the beach Sudurfjorur, full of volcanic black sand and fresh Icelandic sea air. This is a breath-taking trip to experience this incredible landscape in an unorthodox fashion.

Vatnajokull Travel also offers skidoo rides, glacier hikes and Super Jeep glacier treks as part of its summer schedule.

The Vatnajokull glacier is known as the largest glacier in Europe, with an average thickness of 400m, and a maximum thickness of 1,000m.

Extra details regarding outdoor adventures in Iceland can be found by visiting www.vatnajokull.is/english/