Innovative transportation designs and concepts from Seymourpowell

seymourpowell_aircruise86Seymourpowell, the global design and innovation consultancy, continues to push the boundaries of conceptual transport design and innovation. The company has a plethora of pioneering transport design projects, including the world’s first purpose-built hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle, ENV, and the Virgin Galactic Spaceship, a zero gravity experience for tourist astronauts.

Since 1994, Seymourpowell design director Nick Talbot has supported the growth of the company’s transportation design offering. Talbot has been responsible for developing some of Seymourpowell’s largest projects, notability ‘Aircruise’, a transport concept for a giant, vertical zeppelin, lifted and powered by hydrogen.

Seymourpowell’s philosophy is about making things better: better for people, better for business and better for the world. Seymourpowell does this by adopting a special integrated approach to design and innovation, fusing both experience and knowledge about people with markets and business. By working closely with clients and with the knowledge shared by Seymourpowell, clients are reassured by design scenarios that are crafted around the implications of human behaviour.

Since it was founded in 1984, Seymourpowell has become one of the world’s leading design and innovation companies, winning awards for ‘Excellence in Design’, ‘Design Effectiveness’, and gaining gold in the IDEA/Business week awards.

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