TeamViewer comes to Gitem’s rescue! TeamViewer’s software helps to provide remote IT support for French multimedia and electronics chain Gitem

Paris, 3rd March, 2010 – Gitem, a network of independent French multimedia and electronics stores, is pleased to announce that it has selected TeamViewer, an international leader in online communication and collaboration solutions, to provide the Group with IT support.

The Gitem Group is a French company managed by Euronics France and Copyrec and is made up of independent store owners who are at the very heart of the company. The Group consists of 450 stores, has a turnover of 550 million Euros and is a well-reputed independent brand name in terms of image, sound, multimedia and electronics in France, with each store representing the number 1 point of sale in its catchment area.The Gitem Group offers numerous advantages to its network of independent store owners such as negotiable rates, partially subsidised advertising, on-going logistical management and access to ”The Portal” an internal management software solution.

All of the Gitem stores managed by Euronics France use ”The Portal” on a daily basis. A real wealth of information, the software solution allows store owners to update and edit information on products and price tags, consult and manage stock and even place orders. As an invaluable resource for effective store management it is therefore essential that the software is operational at all times, with any technical issues encountered being resolved in real-time. Furthermore, the Group’s structure means that any technical support provided must be carried out remotely, at a low cost and without involving the independent store owner.

In order to facilitate IT trouble shooting, the Gitem Group decided to implement TeamViewer’s full software solution as it enables an IT technician to take control of a computer remotely and address technical issues in real-time. TeamViewer is automatically installed via FTP download on all computers at Gitem stores and is also integrated into ”The Portal”. If a problem is encountered, independent store owners have only to notify the IT team and click on the ”remote fix” icon on ”The Portal” to launch TeamViewer remote support. Once a connection has been initiated, the Euronics IT specialists are able to pinpoint the software issue ” irrespective of the host computer’s location in France ” and resolve the problem, all without leaving their desks in Angres Pas-de-Calais.

Thanks to TeamViewer, IT trouble shooting can be accomplished without the need for an onsite technician or the involvement of an independent store owner. The software solution is extremely easy to install and takes up minimal space on the computer (only 1 MB). It offers quality technical support at a competitive price, with a one-off payment and no recurring subscription fees.

”Since June 2008, we have opted for TeamViewer because it provides a simple and comprehensive solution at a competitive price. The software solutions customisable interface also attracted us. To date, we have purchased 3 Premium TeamViewer licenses which enable us to assure IT support across all Gitem stores dependant on Euronics France!,”states François Delemotte, Micro Networking Manager at Euronics France.

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