DSstyles announces Cubical Series Swarovski Crystal iPhone Case

Dsstyles, the innovator for putting flat back round Swarovski Crystals now brings customers with the new elements: Flat Back Square Swarovski Crystals on phone cases.

The new Cubical series comes available in different patterns. The use of flat back square crystals brings new charm and new visual effect for your Swarovski Crystallized iPhone case.This is the best news for ladies who love both round shape or square of crystals. The crystals effect has never been that sharp as the reflections between crystals becomes different. During the 2010 Oscar Awards, Swarovski crystals was the front and centre – its stage curtain sparkled in hues of white, platinum, brighter than those shiny teeth of Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock. This is exactly the surprise from combining the use of different crystals.

Customers who are looking for personalized patterns can also make a request directly with DSstyles. It would definitely be the perfect chose if you do not want anyone having the same piece as you do for your party. As recognized by Swarovski with Crystallized ID: 1522109, each DS. Crystal Hand Bag is featuring over 6000 pieces of Crystallized Swarovski Elements, each pieces of crystals is hand crafted by our experienced craftsman.

Sender Name:                    Jay Maxar

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