Flight school students explore volcanic eruption in Iceland

Keilir_Aviation_Academy_eyjafjallajokull18Icelandic flight school, the Keilir Aviation Academy, is giving students and potential students the chance of a lifetime to explore the volcanic eruption at the Eyjafjallajokull glacier from above the clouds.

Potential students at the Keilir Aviation Academy have the chance to see the recent volcano in Iceland from above the plume, a unique journey away from the crowds of visitors on top of the Icelandic glacier.

The Keilir Aviation Academy has a fleet of 5 aircraft, all lead by experienced pilots and instructors. Amongst the aircraft are two four-seater planes suitable for three passengers, two two-seater aircraft suitable for one passenger each and an additional four-seater aircraft that can reach up to speeds of 160 knots.

All of the aircraft at the Academy are equipped with global positioning systems and clear operational map display showing the aircraft position in relation to landmarks and terrain. In addition, all four-seater aircraft are also IFR equipped, providing dependability incase of weather disturbance during flights.

The Keilir Aviation Academy offer professional flight training, all staff at the academy are experienced airline pilots and professional instructors.

For further details on the Keilir Aviation Academy and professional flight training visit http://en.keilir.net/aviation-academy