Volcano tours and cheap holidays provided by Iceland Total website

Iceland-Volcano13Adventure seekers looking to explore the recent volcanic eruption at the Eyjafjallajokull glacier, alongside other Iceland holidays in 2010 can do so via the online travel agency, Icelandtotal.com. The website offers incredible helicopter rides, bus tours, Jeep visits and snowmobile treks to see the volcano in all of its glory.

Leading online tour operators, Icelandtotal.com, also allows travellers to choose between numerous holiday packages with various themes. Through the website you can book unique adventure tours and relaxing day trips, such as Northern Lights tours, horseback riding treks and day excursions to the natural spas of the Blue Lagoon. Icelandtotal.com also offer cheap prices online through its website’s booking engine, allowing for ease-of-use and of course excellent value for money.

Furthermore, the complete Iceland Travel guide is featured on the website. This concise guide has information on popular attractions, including photos and videos from previous tours. Icelandtotal.com is the perfect website to organise that trip of a lifetime to Iceland.

Run by Iceland Travel, Icelandtotal.com is the largest travel agency and tour operator in Iceland, and is part of the Icelandair Group.

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