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Upfront Business DevelopmentThe decision to outsource lead generation is a significant one for most agencies. Whilst almost all business development agencies white label their services, the fact remains that someone outside of an agency will be making calls on your behalf, and affecting the perception of the company’s brand through the content of those business communications. Many agencies will have tried to bring lead generation in-house only to find that this has its own inherent problems. So, how do you select the right new business partner for lead generation?

Upfront Business Development is a full service business development agency, specialising in the marketing services sector. Upfront offer a proactive and insightful approach to new business that is aimed at significantly increasing client agency revenue, and helping to grow their business. Upfront provides lead generation, data & insights, recruitment and training.

The business development agency, Upfront, advises companies to first check who will be making the calls on its behalf. It is easy for a Director of a business development agency to impress, but it’s the business development manager who will represent the client’s first impression of the company’s agency. Amoungst other aspects, Upload advise to check how they qualify what makes a good lead. Having had a huge amount of experience with internal and external lead generation partnerships, the largest sense of conflict by far is that the person making the appointment and the person attending this had different interpretations of what the objective of that meeting was.

Upfront uses a Lead Management model that it has developed to ascertain clearly what the minimum level of spend a client would consider for an established need and brief, what size of opportunities they would be happy to attend credentials meetings with (assuming huge potential sits within those brands), and how many briefs and pitches expected to be involved in generating. This varies for each agency, since large opportunities to some agencies are very small to others. What is critical is that these figures are agreed, expectations are aligned, and the positioning of all meetings are in line with the discussion held on the phone, which is itself shaped by the brief provided by the agency client.

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