Extend your volcano adventure tours in Iceland with Vatnajokull Travel

vatnajokull_national_park14The south of Iceland is a hot place to be right now for adventure tours, especially due to the recent volcanic eruption at the Eyjafjallajokull glacier. However, the Vatnajokull glacier national park in the east certainly puts the ‘ice’ in Iceland. So why not extend your volcano day trip by driving just a little further east to explore the wonders of the largest glacier in Europe?

Icelandic travel company Vatnajokull Travel provides amazing adventure tours to some of the country’s best landscape, from the breathtaking glacial peaks of Vatnajokull to the peaceful idyllic Jokulsarlon lagoon and the ice-covered volcano of Oraefajokull.

Vatnajokull Travel also offers exhilarating ATV tours to the black sands of Sudurfjorur, snowmobile treks on the glacier itself and boat tours in the glacier lagoon.

The Vatnajokull National Park has previously been used as a backdrop for box office smash hits ‘A View to a Kill’ and ‘Die Another Die’, as part of the James Bond series, due to its thrilling landscape.

For more details regarding adventure tours in the east of Iceland and the Vatnajokull glacier park visit www.vatnajokull.is/english/