Experience Northern Lights with Iceland Total Volcano Vacation

Volcano_vacations_Iceland18Lucky tourists travelling last week on a volcano vacation with Iceland Total managed to experience the most powerful Northern Lights display of the past three years at the volcanic eruption site in the south of Iceland.

This incredible Aurora Borealis display was caught by visitors at the Fimmvorduhals eruption site, at the Eyjafjallajokull glacier. The fortunate volcano seeking travellers caught some incredible photographic images capturing the power of mother nature.

“I have never seen anything like this. I thought I was blessed to have an opportunity to see an active volcano in action but this incredible Northern Lights display was an unsuspected bonus. Unbelievable experience,” commented an English visitor travelling on the Volcano Jeep tour through Icelandtotal.com.

The Northern Lights mixed with the fiery spurts of volcanic lava certainly proves to be an epic sight, and should continue to be visible for the next couple of weeks in Iceland. However, the visibility is always subject to the right circumstances.

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