Icelandair pilot publishes Iceland volcano eruption pictures on Internet

Iceland Volcano EruptionIcelandair pilot, Mr. Petursson, has recently published a set of Iceland volcano pictures showing both the first and second volcanic eruption at Eyjafjallajokull. The volcanic eruption appears to be around 1/10 of the size it was during the first few days and the ash clouds surrounding the volcano appear to be slowly decreasing.

In the set of photos taken by Mr. Petursson, there are aerial shots of the plume during a commercial flight to The Westman Islands, just 30 km away from the volcano before airspace was restricted. Petursson has published these impressive photos on his website, which can be found here.

The Iceland volcano has only affected a very small area of the country, the vast majority of the island remains completely unaffected and is still extremely safe to travel around. Those mainly affected are farmers in the immediate area located south of the volcano crater. Iceland’s Route 1 highway which runs near to the volcano has even been reopened because no immediate dangers are present.

The Iceland volcano pictures taken by Icelandair pilot, Mr. Petursson, can be viewed at

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