Recommendations website promotes valuable user interaction

Up-and-coming recommendations website, daGeek (formerly TellmeTwin) is promoting its users to become a part of the development and evolution of the site; encouraging ongoing user interaction.

daGeek understands the importance of usability within social networking, by encouraging its users to be a part of the experience; this being the Geekmasters Generation One Project.

As a Geekmaster, the user can build their own passion page on daGeek listing his/her passions, of which can only be edited by them. He/she can then select sales material from Amazon, Google Adsense or Clickbank to promote the page; all revenues generated this way are split 50/50 between the user and daGeek.

Another important aspect of the Geekmasters Generation One Project is the offline experience. Users meet in pre-defined locations to share insight and receive guidance on how to improve user enjoyment and increase revenues. They are also monumental in the development of the site and in the evolution of the additional features needed to maximise the user experience.

“An integral part of this is daGeek mentality – the purpose is to have fun and be with other people so we make sure to socialise at least as much as we work together,” explained Rut Magnusdottir, COO at daGeek.

She continued by stating, “If you want to join a Geekmaster group, or direct one in your area, send an e-mail to”.

New features already implemented with the help of Geekmasters include, the updated layout, of which is simpler to use, and the Activity page. This page has a News feed from the most recent and most interesting passions and ramblings of your twins. The activity page also features the newest twin matches, recommendations, activity on the pages you have created, mailbox and people who ‘favourited’ you.

To find out more about daGeek and to share your recommendations and passions, visit