The President of Iceland invites global aviation leaders and airlines to Iceland conference

The President of Iceland, Mr Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, has invited aviation leaders, airlines and policy-makers from around the world to discuss the aviation actions taken during the Eyjafjalljokull volcano, and how they can be improved. The event will take place in the recently established Keilir Aviation Academy at Keflavik International Airport.

The ‘Atlantic Conference on Eyjafjallajokull and Aviation’ will be held between September 15-16, 2010 at the Keilir Aviation Academy, located at Iceland’s international airport. The conference is set to discuss the actions taken to combat the flight delays caused by the Eyjafjallajokull volcanic eruption, and how technology, rules, regulations and aviation training must be improved.

“In the middle of the Atlantic, at the crossroads of European weather systems, the youngest country on Earth has recently reminded the world how, through a combination of a volcanic eruption and enormous quantities of glacial ice, the forces of nature can produce huge ash clouds, impacting on nations far away, even disrupting for a while the travel plans of millions in different continents. For the first time since modern aviation became the pillar of international transport, a volcanic eruption has reminded all of us that our technological and economic systems must take into account the will of nature and how the Earth is capable of ultimate surprises,” explained President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson in his letter of invitation.

Guest speakers at the conference will come from OECD, EASA, FAA, Eurocontrol, airlines, airport and air navigation service providers, meteorological offices, the civil aviation authorities across Russia, China, Europe, the U.S., the European Commission, as well as personnel from research organisations directly involved in supporting the aviation business. In addition to aviation authority members, scientists will also be discussing the issues of volcanic eruptions and volcanic ash detection and distribution.

Participants will have various opportunities to meet colleagues from all parts of the world during the two days, including a reception by the Minister of Transport and U.S. Embassy and the gala dinner on Wednesday 15th September, hosted by Diamond Aircraft. Furthermore, special bus and flight sightseeing tours to Eyjafjallajokull will be taking place on the 14th and 17th September.

The conference is organised in cooperation with Keilir – Atlantic Center of Excellence, the Civil Aviation Administration, ISAVIA, the Icelandic Ministry of Transport, the Meteorological Office, the Institute of Earth Sciences, Icelandair, the Association of European Airlines and the U.S. Embassy in Iceland.

For more information about the conference, and to view President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson’s letter of invitation in full, visit