Lead generation plays an important role for sales teams in the B2B sector, explains Jem Marketing

Jem MarketingIn the B2B sector it is important to ensure leads are warm and well-profiled and ready to be converted into sales to maximise revenue explains marketing specialist, Jem Marketing.

Lead generation companies generate qualified leads through engaging with targeted database prospects which enables B2B organisations to work with warm, well-profiled leads, thus improving sales revenue and conversion.

Lead generation is undertaken by telemarketers, trained to ensure specific data, is collected like contact information and interest in proposition.  The results are commonly summarised as A-Leads and B-Leads, which include, detailed notes and observations which sales employees are able to develop into concrete sales and generate revenue for the company.

Director of Jem Marketing, Jane Evans explained, “We deliver sustainable lead generation through our robust support network of telemarketers, and lead generation is something we have been specialising in for over 10 years now.

Jem Marketing: Lead Generation

“We ensure our telemarketers are trained to the highest level so our clients can expect leads ready to be converted into sales by their sales teams.  Generating multiple leads quickly enables businesses to benefit from increased revenue through little effort.”

The direct marketing specialists explain that cutting out sales lead generation in the B2B sector where products and services are often very niche, and the market is based on a small number of people, all of whom are ‘influencers’ could be detrimental to business.

Strategic planning is an important aspect in developing sales and revenue for the B2B sector.  Further information about lead generation is available from the Jem Marketing website: http://www.dmconcepts.co.uk/telemarketing.html.

About Jem Marketing

Based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, Jem Sales and Marketing is a dynamic business that has been providing a range of marketing solutions since 1997, including lead generation, telemarketing and appointment setting.

Jem Marketing utilise bespoke qualitative research programmes, which they create to meet a clients specific objectives; to promote understanding or diagnose problems, or evaluate products and/or services using the most appropriate methodologies.

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