EURid and Netnod sign anycasting agreement

Brussels and Stockholm, 2 August 2010 – EURid (the European Registry of Internet Domain Names) and Netnod have signed an agreement for Domain Name System (DNS) anycasting of the .eu top-level domain (TLD).

Anycasting is an Internet routing methodology that enables an online service to be available from many different locations around the world, using the same IP address. This agreement between EURid and Netnod significantly strengthens the robustness and resilience of the .eu nameserver infrastructure and brings the domain name service closer to the end-user, thereby shortening domain resolution response times. One of the benefits for the end-user is overall improvement in web and mail performance.“We are delighted to be working together with such a reputable organisation as Netnod”, said Marc Van Wesemael <> , General Manager of EURid. “It is one of the most trusted names in DNS with extensive experience in anycasting and DNS operations”. He continued: “Anycasting is today an established method of improving resilience and redundancy of the DNS. EURid has more than three million domain names, available in 27 different countries. It is a natural choice for us to use anycasting to ensure stable and robust operations. Netnod was an obvious organisation to partner up with as it was a key criterion for EURid to choose an operator that fully supports DNSSEC.”

The agreement starts on 1 August 2010, which means that the improved .eu TLD service is now available from more than 35 additional locations around the world.

“We are proud to be serving the .eu domain, one of the largest TLDs in the world”, said Kurt Erik Lindqvist, CEO of Netnod. “EURid is a well known TLD which has shown an impressive growth since its inception. As a long-time advocator of DNSSEC, Netnod is particularly pleased to be working with EURid as it is one of the first TLDs in world who have signed their zone. This is a very positive step forward. We look forward to a good partnership with EURid in years to come!”

Netnod and its subsidiary Autonomica are non-for profit organisations, which provide critical common services for the Internet.

EURid is the not-for-profit organisation appointed by the European Commission to operate the .eu top-level domain.

About Netnod

Netnod is a non-profit organisation, owned by the TU foundation. Through its fully owned subsidiary Autonomica, it provides critical services for the Internet. Netnod is responsible for one of the 13 root name servers in the world, namely, which was the first root server to be installed outside the United States of America. has been operational since 1991 and is now anycast from close to 40 locations around the Internet. Netnod also operates five national Internet exchange Points (IXPs) in Sweden and provides a range of common Internet services such distribution of official Swedish time through NTP as well as unicast and anycast slave service for TLDs.

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Kurt-Erik Lindqvist, CEO, Netnod

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About EURid

EURid is the not-for-profit organisation appointed by the European Commission to operate the .eu domain name. Set up in 2003, EURid started general registration of .eu domain names in April 2006. Over 3 million domain names have been registered to date. EURid headquarters is located in Diegem, Belgium, and regional offices are in Pisa (Italy), Prague (Czech Republic) and Stockholm (Sweden). EURid has around 900 accredited registrars and provides support in the 23 official EU languages.

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Giovanni Seppia, External Relations Manager, EURid

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