Handheld Power Meter with a Wide Power Measurement Range

GAO Fiber Optics (www.GAOFiberOptics.com), a leading supplier of fiber optic instruments, has released its intelligent handheld power meter with an identification frequency range of 10Hz to 60kHz. It is used in telecommunications and CATV maintenance and fiber optics facilities.

This handheld power meter measures absolute power and relative loss of fiber optic cables. It is characterized by its wide range of power measurement, fast speed, high test precision and auto frequency identification which provides great convenience and excellent performance in measurement.

This full featured power meter, model 08121, tests optical power within a wavelength range from 800nm to 1650nm over a measurement range of -70dBm to 6dBm. Pre-calibrated wavelengths include 850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, and 1550nm; additional optional calibrated wavelengths are available. The power meter displays tested power output in mW, dB and dBm on its large high definition LCD screen. It has a memory capacity of 240 records and a RS232 communication port for data transmission. The easy-to-use power meter is resistant to dust and water and features quick response without requiring warm-up. It has an FC universal 2.5mm adaptor and offers FC, SC and ST interchangeable connectors for selection. An auto-off function kicks within ten minutes of inactivity for power saving.

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About GAO Fiber Optics

GAO Fiber Optics (www.GAOFiberOptics.com), a member company of GAO Group, is a leading provider of fiber optic test and measurement instruments, transceivers and other fiber optical devices.