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HAZWOPER Safety Training has been the choice of thousands of workers when it comes to purchasing high quality safety training courses. There are more tested and proven HAZWOPER training courses available in an innovative format to help protect workers, environment and the economy.

In an effort to help workers comply with the OSHA standards, they are now providing 10% off on their 40 hour HAZWOPER safety training. Initially, their HAZWOPER 40 hour course was $349.95, but you can purchase them at 10% off. This offer is limited for a certain time, so visit HAZWOPER Safety Training now to purchase the 40 hour HAZWOPER training program. Meet the HAZWOPER compliance with HAZWOPER Safety Training’s online safety training. The 40 hour training is designed for the workers who deal with hazardous clean-up operations, hazardous substances or waste sites’ disposal, storage and treatment and emergency response operations. This course is important for worker’s safety before they begin to work in the uncontrolled hazardous sites.

The HAZWOPER program meets the regulation for 29 CFR 1910.120. and since it is entirely online students can complete the course at their own pace.

The topics that are included in this course are given below:

Overview of the regulations

Analyze safety and hazards

Hazard identification


Site Characterization

Awareness of chemical hazards

Radioactive hazards

Lifesaving and personal protection equipments

Site control methods

Medical surveillance

Respiratory protection program

Air Monitoring


Confined Air Entry

Material Sampling

Emergency Procedure

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