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Offering efficient Data Collection services to gather specific, relevant information and market research data.

Outsourcing Web Research firm specializes in providing high-quality Data collection and Extraction services to Research agencies, Marketing firms and Business consultants with a need for a seamless service in B2B and consumer analysis. We have been serving to various industry domains for over 7 years now. Know more at http://www.outsourcingwebresearch.comWe are equipped with a variety of data collection strategies to ensure that the project is carried out to your specifications, quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively. Our team conducts or assists you in setting up the data collection methods that are most suitable for your survey and research requirements.

In addition to the data collection services that incorporates all our full service research solutions we also offer professional data collection service on a stand alone basis for customers who simply want quality and reliable data collection and processing. Take a FREE Trial of our Data collection services to provide you sample work. Send us your specific requirements at http://www.outsourcingwebresearch.com/data-collection.php

Our team of expert web researchers and analysts can deliver data in a variety of formats, depending upon our client]s specifications – from tabulations to spreadsheets or raw data files for online/offline storage.

We collect relevant data from various resources such as:

Promotional materials such as brochures, catalogues, visiting cards, etc.

Emails, Internet publication and Forms

Address lists, directories, yellow pages, encyclopedias, etc.

Online databases and Web resources

Research reports, e-books & instructions manuals

Images, photographs and graphics

Microfilms and Video files

Interviews, Focus groups, Blogs and Forums

As with our Data collection, Processing and Validation services, we serve to a wide range of businesses including Marketing, Financial, Legal, Real estate, Manufacturing, Production, Healthcare, Education, Commercial services and several other domains.

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