Knexus Launches Major Upgrade on Knex-us 2.2 Social Platform and Apps

Knexus, a leader in social software solutions, today announced a major upgrade to its Knex-us 2.2, the innovative social platform and apps to make content social. The improved version enables companies to utilize rich media content (e.g. videos, podcasts) to increase engagement & save time, combine professional (company or brand generated) & user generated content (UGC), and wrap social interactions around content to generate high value conversation and interactions.

Knex-us 2.2 delivers business customers everything they need to make their content more engaging, collaborative and viral, including online video, podcast, document & image delivery with integrated social wrappers, user generated content and sharing, social networking features such as Q&A forums and blogging. K’nex-us 2.2 also offers an administration panel, enabling companies to effectively manage, moderate, improve and measure social content & business activities.Making content social empowers brands & enterprises to stimulate valuable conversations and social interactions with colleagues, customers, consumers and partners. These conversations and interactions can be integrated into core business activities to increase sales, improve customer relationships and enhance employee productivity through better communications and collaboration” explained Graeme Foux, Knexus founder and CEO.

Graeme continued, We’re excited to introduce new, innovative features to Kâex-us 2.2, empowering companies to unlock ROI by socializing content.

New and improved capabilities available in the latest Kânex-us 2.2 including:

* Content production workflow Enabling administrators to upload unedited video and audio content, collaborate with producers and manage post production process effectively

* Analytics Enhanced analytics engine which tracks a comprehensive list of the platform and apps activities in real time and provides powerful analysis of content usage, popularity, user behaviours and more

* Customizable social wrapper around content Users can ask questions, post opinions and collaborate around specific content such as videos, podcasts, images & traditional documents, all in one single user experience

* Content moderation tools Administrators have better control with powerful moderation on social activities around content

* Category communities Advanced capabilities for creating categories which users can then rapidly explore to find insights and interact through

Knex-us 2.2 is generally available in September 2010. To find out more visit or call +1 (646) 401 0147 (New York); +44 (0) 845 838 5316 (London).