Portable optical fiber identifier

GAO Instruments has announced the release of its easy-to-use optical fiber identifier featuring core power display of fibers, low bending loss and highly efficient output. It is ideal for the maintenance of telecommunication and CATV systems, test labs and other fiber optics networks.

This portable optical fiber identifier, model A0640003, operates at a wavelengths of 900nm to 1650nm and has an optical power reading range from -30dBm to 5dBm. It tests and detects optical signals, modulation signals and the presence or absence of signals during the process of installation, maintenance, rerouting or restoration. The identifier also detects the relative core power of optic fiber. It provides Ã~0.25, Ã~0.9, Ã~2.0 and Ã~3.0 replaceable adaptors for various optical cables. Frequency signals including CW, 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz can be identified.

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About GAO Instruments

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