Manufacture products directly in China

Direct Source China helps you stay ahead of your competition by ordering goods from China without needing to conquer the complexities of searching for manufacturers, placing orders, overseeing production, and getting your products delivered in their expected condition. Direct Source China assists product-based businesses by managing these issues and ensuring your products are delivered within your desired budget and schedule. Headquartered in Shanghai with sales offices in the U.S., DSC acts as a bridge between China manufacturers and the rest of the world. Direct Source China only works with the most reliable and trustworthy goods manufacturers in China to make sure your order is protected and executed properly.

“With our internal database of hundreds of manufacturers in China who are known to be leaders in their respective industries we cover a lot of ground. We maintain strict quality constraints for each manufacturer on behalf of our clients, and ensure we are exporting only top quality products anywhere in the world” says Greg Brauser, a rep. from DSC. He further adds “Our main aim is to streamline and smoothen the entire process of buying products directly from China.”

The company ensures that the process is seamless for buyers all across the world. It takes special efforts to ensure that the products are made to your specifications, with no compromise on quality, and are also delivered to the destination of your choice.

Direct Source China has its offices in the U.S. and China allowing them to provide around the clock service for their customers. Clients will get special access to their procurement professionals, who have decades of combined expertise in dealing with Chinese factories. These procurement professionals will be available 24 hours to answer all your needs and solve your queries. It is this extensive experience and level of communication that separates DSC from their competition.

The process of ordering goods from China can only be done properly with a buying team on the ground in China. The professional team at Direct Source China works hand in hand with some of the leading vendors in china to deliver their clients’ requested products at optimum quality/price levels. The team at Direct Source China has years of professional expertise to efficiently oversee all the steps of procurement. Direct Source China guarantees the highest manufacturing standards will be met throughout new product development, mass production, quality control, logistics and shipping. Their team is always ready to assist and provide the best of the Chinese market survey even if you are new to the world of manufacturing or buying goods from China. DSC will efficiently equip you with the required knowledge to enable you to manage your China imports like a seasoned expert.

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Greg Brauser,Business Development
Company Name: Direct Source China
Address: 495 Jiangning Road
Suite 905, Shanghai 200041

Phone: 86 021 6137 3458
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