Oslo receives astrological clock

During an unveiling ceremony at Karl Johans gate 3 in central Oslo on 20th October 2010, CEO of Eiendomsspar, Christian Ringes donated the city of Oslo with an astrological clock to help “actively contribute in making Oslo a beautiful and pleasant city.”

The astrological clock is among other popular innovative designs and landmarks in Oslo, such the ‘Peacock’ fountain at the National Theatre and the Tiger Statue in Oslo Central Station, all of which help to contribute in promoting tourism in Oslo. The Mayor of Oslo, Fabian Stang commented, “the clock is clearly visible and will set a solid mark on the cityscape.”

The Oslo astrological clock is 346 cm in diameter; with the clock face at 180 cm. Star signs are cast in bronze and are painted. The rings are made of copper and are also painted. The tiles in the dial are coated with 22-carat gold leaf and the total weight of the astrological clock is approx. 1,000 kg.

Artists Elena Engelsen and Per Ung, two of Norway’s most renowned artists, spent over
one year collaborating on the clock’s design. Engelsen created the exotic animal characters star, while Ung designed the human characters in the zodiac.

To find out more about the Oslo astrological clock, visit its Wikipedia page here. To view the Norwegian page click here.