Westfjords in Iceland listed in Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2011 guide book

The global travel guide Lonely Planet recently released its Best in Travel 2011 guide book, highly recommending the Iceland Westfjords and ranking it in fifth place in the top ten regions for 2011.

Lonely Planet describes the Westfjords as “an outdoor adventurer’s dream destination” and explains how the unique landscape ranges from “soaring mountains” to “unfathomably deep and silent fjords” clustered with tiny fishing villages.

The travel guide recommends the most populated town in the Westfjords, Isafjordur, describing it as a friendly, welcoming, “mini-metropolis” that is a great place to stock up before driving on to smaller villages that line the coast.

Lonely Planet suggests travelling to the uninhabited wilderness region of Hornstrandir, one of the country’s premier hiking destinations, and also home to Drangajokull, the last surviving icecap in the region.

Further details on holidays in Iceland and the Westfjords can be read at www.inspiredbyiceland.com