Wow! The new UK Blogzine that aims to be up there with Facebook and Google

A new force on the Internet is emerging from the rather unlikely launchpad of Glasgow.

It’s called wowdewow and its ambition is to be up there with the Facebooks and the Googles in world popularity.

“We have a blogzine that after only two months is doing incredibly well and within the next six months will be one of the most read if not the most read in the world,” says Nathan Goldberg, wowdewow Publisher.

The wowdewow blogsite is a daily collection of short blogs on business, geekery, culture and lifestyle. It has an enthusiastic bunch of bloggers, mainly from the UK but also from further afield, including America.

Goldberg describes himself as a 56-year-old maverick who has been driven as long as he can remember. He has been Editor of a National Newspaper, owner of a rock bar, director of an entrepreneurs club, marketing guru and a social activist. “I don’t believe that capitalism works at well except for a few. My guess is in the next ten years or so we will all be forced to be more socially and economically connected, climate change and diminishing resources will see to that.”

“But the biggest force for change has been the Internet. It has shrunk the world into everyone’s sitting room in an influential way. “It has given ordinary people untold power. The establishment politicians and big business don’t like it, but they need to learn to live with it.”

Goldberg wants wowdewow to play a part in that change through advocating a more egalitarian and mutually supportive society and supporting worthy causes especially in deprived areas and the developing world.

The wowdewow brand is aiming to conquer America where it already has a following. It plans an American version of the current site using the same formula.

Other major developments include offering social media services to businesses as the company develops a local presence, which has already started in Glasgow with the city’own wowdewow blogzine.

“There are lots of social media consultants out there, but we are the only ones actually walking the walk,” says wowdewow Commercial Director Craig Muir.

“We have the playbook for social media success and we are offering it to businesses and organisations who want to stand out from the herd, want to make a difference.”

The next major wowdewow Internet production will be the launch of a Facebook style social networking site before the end of the year.

Goldberg says: “It’s called wowdeyou and it will have one feature in particular which will make it more attractive than Facebook. All will be revealed at launch.”

Why is wowdewow based in Glasgow?

Says Goldberg: “I come from here and I believe it to be one of the most talented and proactive cities in the world. It also reflects the real world, warts and all. Why should the unreal worlds of silicon valley and so on have all the best tunes.”

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