NFL games go RedZone on Sky TV UK

Live NFL games on Sky TV UK are now going into RedZone every Sunday. The NFL live highlights program, RedZone will be showing approximately 10 NFL (National Football League) games every Sunday at 6:00 pm for British viewers during the concluding games of the 2010 U.S. season.

The RedZone live highlights program is the perfect way to introduce new British NFL fans, as well as retain regular NFL viewers to the non-stop action of American Football.

NFL RedZone works like this: Whenever play reaches the ‘red zone’, the area inside the 20-yard line, coverage will shift to that game, often flipping between multiple games to ensure nothing is missed. Big plays that take teams into scoring positions; key defensive plays; every scoring play, will all be aired within 60 seconds. Every crucial moment in every game will be shown throughout a breathless three-hour journey around the league.

Be sure to tune into NFL RedZone on Sky Sports 4 at 6:00 pm, every Sunday for the rest of the U.S. season.

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