Washroom mop sink and equipment supplies offered by stainless steel supplier Teknomek

Teknomek has released a new mop sink with a draining trough to its vast range of washroom cleaning products. The mop sink is manufactured from 304 quality stainless steel and measures W1460 x D430 x H400mm (with adjustable feet).

The washroom cleaning product was designed after various consultations with Teknomek customers in order to achieve the most efficient end product. The bucket section of the mop sink features a wall-mounted backsplash and a hinged grid to maximise cleaning efficiency and hygiene.

Additionally, the stainless steel manufacturer also offers custom versions of all its products, for example, each piece of equipment can be made to custom dimensions on request. Teknomek can provide a quote within one working day and supply the product within fourteen working days from the approval of a design.

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of catering stainless steel furniture and equipment, Teknomek provides high quality and cost-effective stainless steel solutions to industry hygiene requirements for all sectors such as pharmaceutical, catering and veterinary.

Other washroom cleaning products offered by Teknomek include soap dispensers, drinking fountains, hand driers, sinks, WC/urinals, taps & faucets, lockers, hygiene equipment, nail brush sanitiser, surgeons scrub sinks, vet scrub sinks, valves, wash troughs and safety mirrors.

For more details about washroom cleaning accessories and products offered by Teknomek, log on to www.teknomek.co.uk or for specialist enquiries, see contact details below:

Tel: +44 (0)1603 788833

Email: mail@teknomek.co.uk