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Be an entry level professional or an experienced one when it comes to looking out for your next career move or a new job, a great looking resume is required to make you through the tough competition and get an interview call. Research shows that out of every 10 resume only 1 gets shortlisted. So what makes an outstanding resume? Well your educational grades, professional experience and other academic / non-academic achievements are non-replicate but what matter the most is the presentation of these. How good you lay them out, how good you put them up on your resume will get your resume shortlisted. Some says writing resume is an art? We disagree. We say its simple science.

We have developed most advanced and unique, yet most simple to use online resume builder software which help you create outstanding resume by following few guided steps. You will be provided with help on every step and will be provided with list of power words (words searched by most employers and recruiting agencies) to be used in your resume.

Our online resume builder software is designed in most user friendly flow keeping human ergonomics in practice. We provide more than 118 well designed, professional resume templates to choose from. Means once you have input your resume data in our software, our online resume builder helps you preview your resume in 118+ professionally designed resume templates.

You can download your resume or email your resume directly from our online resume builder website in Microsoft Word format and Adobe PDF format.

As said previously that we presume resume writing as simple science, we keep on adding new features to our online resume builder software to always keep you few steps ahead of your competition.

Some of the newest added features to our online resume builder are:

Now you can arrange your resume section as you want e.g. you want to highlight your achievements so you can move the Achievements heading to the top. It’s very effective to highlight your strong area. Likewise you can re-order any of the resume section be it your Education, Achievements, Skills or Work History.

Now you can create your own custom resume section e.g. Hobbies, Career Highlights, etc. Isn’t it great?

Another great thing about our online resume builder is that its totally free for sign up and resume creation. You pay only when you are 100% satisfied with your resume.

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