Environmentally friendly cleaning products wipe the competition off the map

A relatively newcomer to the British industrial cleaning products market, Fresh Clean has started to sweep its competition off the map with its impressive range of environmentally friendly cleaning products. The product has reset the bar for eco friendliness and completely redesigned the playing field. Fresh Clean is the first of its kind and has already been adopted by several major UK institutions, from both commercial and private sectors.

Fresh Clean is a crystallised cleaner, which the end user dilutes according to necessity and degree of soiling. This means, of course, that the products are delivered in boxes that last for months on end one five kilogram box of the stuff is enough to make up 2,500 trigger spray refills, which will keep even the busiest restaurant clean for a year if not longer. Clearly these are environmentally friendly cleaning products on a hitherto unseen scale and when you add in the fact that it is made a mere two miles from its staging depot, you begin to realise why this product has been marked as the best eco-friendly cleaning products in the UK.

The end users seem pretty happy, too. Obviously the cleaning power of Fresh Clean is just as revolutionary as its environmental consideration. Major UK rail networks have already switched to using the stuff to clean their stations and several government organisations are now using Fresh Clean in their Housing Association flats’ communal areas. In addition, these environmentally friendly cleaning products are also being used by at least one major national super market chain, which completed the switch over to Fresh Clean at the end of 2010. Given that the product saves space, time and money and cleans superbly it is probably not difficult to understand why. For more information, visit http://www.freshclean.biz/environmental_benefits.php.

About Fresh Clean

Fresh Clean is the revolutionary industrial cleaning product that has started to capture the UK market as the best environmentally friendly cleaning products ever made.


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