ISC moves offices to enterprise park ready for new silicon plant in Iceland

Asbru Enterprise Park in Iceland welcomes the Icelandic Silicon Corporation (ISC) to its already diverse, innovative family, after the company relocated its offices in preparation for the new silicon-metal facility.

The facility, which has received a total investment of 110 million Euros, is expected to be operational by the second half of 2013 and will employ approximately a 100 man workforce made up of experts, technicians and general staff.

The Asbru offices, where ISC is now located, are of varying size, ranging between 15-60 square metres with the option of divided or combined open spaces. Companies renting an office have access to fully equipped 40 square metre meeting rooms and two smaller meeting rooms as well as a 100 square metre kitchen facilities.

In addition to ISC, the Asbru offices accommodate many innovative and ancillary businesses such as engineering firms and agencies. This creates a great working environment where businesses can receive help from other services within the same walls. Additionally, at Asbru there are other projects in the pipeline such as an international data center and a medical tourism hospital.

Asbru Enterprise Park welcomes the Icelandic Silicon Company and looks forward to future collaborations.

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