Luxury Adventure tours in Greenland

Imagine a place with icebergs larger than 15-storey buildings, where sled dogs outnumber people, and ruggedly magnificent natural beauty, you have visualized Greenland. Organising adventure tours in challenging parts of the world is what Luxury Adventures offers, all day, every day.

Luxury Adventures starts with a blank sheet of paper, no set date departures, no pre-determined routes. The adventure tour company matches its knowledge, creative thinking, contacts on the ground and logistical expertise to its customer’s budget and imagination.

Greenland’s ice cap covers 85percent of the landmass, and will leave you mesmerized as you first gaze upon the breathtaking sight of the ice cap, which gradually melds into a dark grey rocky landscape. Villages Kulusuk and Tassilak in the east and Ilullisat in the west, provide majestic views over granite mountains, glaciers and icebergs.

If you seek the thrill of outdoor adventures and discovering natural beauty in a part of the world, Greenland should definitely be on your list of “must visit” places. With Luxury Adventures, you will be treated to an all-inclusive vacation, where you decided on what you want to explore.

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