Create dedicated food preparation areas with colour-coded table tops

The stainless steel manufacturer, Teknomek recently started offering a specialised range of catering tables, fitted with replaceable polyethylene tops to replace colour coded chopping boards for food preparation areas.

The stainless steel tables are available with the option of white (bakery and dairy), brown (vegetables), red (raw meat), green (fruit and salad), yellow (cooked meat) or blue (raw fish) tops and are typically used for areas where chopping or cutting takes place. Additionally, due to the table being manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, it adheres to all hygiene standards for the catering industry.

The stainless steel catering tables are offered in a range of standard sizes; all fitted with undershelves. However, Teknomek also offers a full customised service which means that customers can have non-standard sizes and specifications to fit their own particular requirements.

Teknomek can also help plan the layout of a professional catering area through the addition of its dedicated 3D design department. Furthermore, Teknomek offers a complete costed 3D rendering of the final design so the customer can actually see what the finished result will look like – removing the possibility of project delays and last minute costs.

Teknomek is Europe’s leading manufacturer of catering stainless steel furniture and equipment, providing high quality and cost-effective stainless steel solutions to industry hygiene requirements for the catering sector.

Additional information about the stainless steel manufacturer’s catering equipment range can be found at, or for further enquiries, call +44 (0)1603 788833.