Icelandic design and fashion hits international media

Icelandic design and fashion has been a major growth in popularity recently, both domestically and outside of Iceland, due to an increase of new up-and-coming designers.

The Icelandic design festival, DesignMarch was held recently in Reykjavik. The design festival found high recognition when the New York Times made specific reference to the festival in its ‘41 Places to Go in 2011’ feature, where Iceland was placed fourth on the list.

DesignMarch 2011, which took place 24-27 March, was the third annual festival, showcasing the best in Icelandic design through various exhibitions, installations and lectures, combining unique ideas and trends.

A current example of contemporary Icelandic design is the Vik Prjonsdottir Collective, with their new take on Icelandic traditions. Using the deliciously warm Icelandic lopi wool, they have knitted up such unique garments as the wool jumper ‘seal pelt’ and the ‘beardcap’ – a hat with an attached ‘beard’ and ‘moustache’.

The Reykjavik Fashion Festival also recently took place leading to international media coverage, including popular style websites and blogs. The festival itself presented Iceland’s alternative take on fashion design, where influences tend to be drawn from the island’s eclectic culture, strong heritage and beautiful landscapes. Highlights throughout the festival included the various runway shows, the Fashion Market-Boutique and a live performance by American rapper, Ghostface Killah.

Additionally, The Icelandic Fashion Council recently collaborated with Inspired by Iceland to produce an exciting video showcasing some of Iceland’s top fashion designers and their work. To view this video, visit

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