Landmark education-teachings on a happier life

Landmark Education which has its headquarters in California in the U.S. operates in more than 20 countries all over the world and in over 115 locations. The Landmark Education offers over 50 programs among them, Landmark Forum, relationships, self expression, communication, integrity, making a difference and many more courses all meant to help people of all walks of life change their lives for the best.

The Landmark Forum is the introductory course and probably the most important one and takes three days to complete. This course is there to help different individuals change their perspective towards life and how they handle different day-to-day challenges. The Landmark Forum is offered in a friendly environment where everyone is offered equal opportunities to air their views and ideas and also share past experiences.

There has been a lot of criticism over the courses offered in Landmark Education with some people claiming that the organization is a cult. However, those who have taken the courses have nothing bad to say about the courses as a huge percentage of them have had their lives change for the best.

Landmark Education can boast of having offered their services to more than 1.2 million people with 200,000 participants each year. This has got to prove that they are doing something worth the time and money.

The best part about Landmark Education is the fact that one gets to change both their personal and professional lives. The programs guide people on how to handle different challenges associated with life, whether in their professional or personal lives. For those who find it difficult reaching their goals or lack motivation along the way, then this is the type of program they need to enroll in.

Landmark Education’s employees are well-trained and motivated people. They know exactly how to tailor their courses for different individuals to ensure the whole thing is as effective as possible. A larger percentage of those who enroll with Landmark Education courses come out with a whole new way of thinking and more motivated. This helps them tackle different challenges better than they used to and finally achieve their personal and professional goals.

About Landmark Education

Landmark Education has been in business since 1991. The organization was first established in San Francisco, California where it has its headquarters. Offering its courses to countries in six continents, Landmark Education can boast of being part of developing people’s lives and changing their views towards everything for the best.