New business execution software to help communicate strategy and alignment

SuccessFactors recently announced the release of its latest Business Execution (BizX) Suite, which includes Employee Central 2.0, social learning and new features that drive real business results for companies around the world. The BizX Suite includes both strategic talent management and core HR functionality in one comprehensive, cloud-based solution.

Head of Worldwide Product Marketing for SuccessFactors, Brad Mattick, said, “For years HR leaders and CIOs have been forced to cobble together various solutions from different vendors to meet their business results.”

Mattick continued, “Adding Employee Central 2.0 and SuccessFactors Social Learning to our BizX suite makes us the only solution provider offering all pillars of talent management, built on a foundation of core HR and analytics, in one place. This gives our customers a clear advantage.”

Prior to the new software release, the company also commissioned an extensive business research report entitled ‘The Link Between Strategic Alignment and Staff Productivity’. The report identifies three critical areas for determining failure or success in this area: Alignment & Collaboration, Performance & Productivity, and Growth & Talent.

The report findings show that only twelve percent of organisations surveyed possess an IT system that delivers the information needed for business management and execution. In comparison, nearly three out of four respondents whose companies use collaborative technologies, such as SuccessFactors’ CubeTree, feel their organisation communicates business strategy ‘well’ or ‘very well’.

Erik Berggren, Vice President of Customer Results and Global Research for SuccessFactors commented, “What matters most are the people who will execute the strategy – many of whom CEOs and senior management will never meet. It is essential for business leaders to align their team’s work with the overall business strategy and it is clear that most don’t know how to do this effectively. At SuccessFactors we work with customers to deal with this every day and through our Business Execution (BizX) solutions we are helping companies reverse this trend.”

Moreover, SuccessFactors’ is also allowing organisations to generate a individualised alignment report which can be created by answering a series of simple multiple choice questions. This then provides the organisation with both an Alignment & Collaboration and a Performance & Productivity score to help achieve business goals and objectives.

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