Artificial Solutions signs up for Advanced Business Membership of, advancing virtual agent technology - Virtual assistants & virtual, the largest natural language processing community, welcomes Artificial Solutions, the intelligent virtual assistant provider with implementations in 23 languages.

For those unaware, virtual assistants are 3D humans fed by artificial intelligence. As humanlike avatars, they allow for intelligent automated conversations between people and companies across multiple channels including the web, mobile (smart phone), text messaging, email, social networks and live-chat.

In the coming years, the virtual assistant industry is expected to experience very rapid growth, with large independent research analysts Gartner and CCM Benchmark recently predicting enormous growth rates. The latter even predicted a 400% growth of the virtual agent market by 2014, having virtual agents as the main point of contact for customer service by that time.

Artificial Solutions is a true international player in this field. The company develops and implements software-as-a-service based virtual assistants in 21 different languages and across multiple channels. With its development centre in Stockholm, employees representing 30 nationalities and offices in 10 countries, it is the most international company in this industry.

Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions said of the current market outlook, “The virtual assistant market is growing enormously. We believe that eventually, every company will be represented by artificial employees and we’re perfectly positioned to develop the artificial intelligence for these intelligent and capable talking characters, in every possible language. “

Artificial Solutions is also active in others domains of natural language processing. Elbot, their award winning chat bot, launched in 2001, was originally created with the purpose of being a pure chatterbot, conversing with users about any topic under the sun. It has now become a test-bed to continually explore the psychology of human-machine communication. Bi-lingual Elbot is also very popular amongst many AI enthusiasts, having 400 conversations with humans every day. is an industry accelerator (IA), a business and research community, representing the industry and actively pushing progress in the field. With roots going back to 2004, officially founded in 2008, serves to confirm beliefs that the virtual assistant industry is really taking off.

Artificial Solutions is the sixth major player in this field to join the Advanced Business Membership program offered by, even before the program has officially rolled out.

Erwin Van Lun, CEO & Founder of reported that, “We’ve been working very closely with Artificial Solutions in the past period and we’re excited to have formalized our co-operation today by their participation in our industry program for AI vendors. It’s a seal on our partnership and we believe it’s a start of a promising partnership.”

This support from Artificial Solutions and other vendors of intelligent virtual agent and virtual human technology allows to continue to create attention for the industry in leading business media, to create independent industry reports and to facilitate discussions on establishing industry standards.

“We share the future vision of Van Lun and his international team have already done significant work for the industry and we’re proud to be a professional member. We’d love to see more of,” said Andy Peart, Marketing Director of Artificial Solutions, on their membership of the program.

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About Artificial Solutions
Artificial Solutions develops and implements software-as-a-service based virtual assistants that allow intelligent conversations between people and computers to be held in 21 different languages across multiple channels including the web, mobile (smart phone), SMS, email, social networks and live-chat. Utilizing its natural language interaction technology, Artificial Solutions helps organizations improve customer experience and reduce the cost of online queries. With its development centre in Stockholm, its employees represent 30 nationalities in offices in Sweden, Spain, UK, Italy, France, Slovenia , Germany, Denmark, Japan and the Netherlands.

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