IDC band rechristened as ID Branding in line with diversifying product portfolio

IDC band, a New South Wales based company has recently changed its business name to ID branding and has also redesigned its website comprehensively using the same name. The company is into the marketing of the various products which serve the varied security and identification needs in many industry verticals.

The need for rechristening was felt to make the name reflect not only the wristband and other common products but also the new product offerings of the company.

The products of the company are divided into four broad categories:

• Security and Admission: These include the wristbands for security purposes as well as for other common uses like signalling a medical alert by wearing these. These also include the armbands as well as security vests.

• Lanyards and ID accessories: Lanyards are the strings which hold the name tag holders, ID tags and even items like pen, pen-drive, memory cards and even mobiles. The website of the company also lists some other products under this category. These product divisions are of plastic ID cards, laminates and inserts and badge reels. There is a good variety of these products, in terms of different materials and colours in which these are made.

• Promotional Merchandise: The company products include the items which are used by companies for providing as gifts to the stakeholders in order to do some promotional exercise.

• Labels, Badges and Tags: These are the products which a person would be using to mark his belongings for easy identification.

The business of the company serves the need of identification and differentiation of a person or an asset or any other thing using these materials. At the same time, the concurrent objective is to impart security as well. The company believes that since the old name only reflecting one segment of the products, that is the wristbands, it became imperative to change the name and make it more reflective of what all products it deals in.

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