Strategic business alignment key to success in ‘Next Economy’

During the course of SuccessFactors’ ‘Next Economy’ campaign, it was identified that the stock performance of organizations using SuccessFactors business execution software had outgrown stock market indices over the past 3 years by over 200% – are these the winners in the Next Economy?

The ‘Next Economy’ business campaign was created to raise awareness of the fundamental changes necessary to address volatile economic conditions with technology that is available today. Through the implementation of this technology, Human Resources professionals can play a more strategic role in collaborating with their business leaders to manage their workforces better, improve alignment, communication, execution and people performance.

The campaign’s primary business research report, ‘The Link Between Strategic Alignment and Staff Productivity’, identifies three critical interdependent areas for determining failure or success – Alignment & Collaboration, Performance & Productivity and Growth & Talent.

The report was also accompanied by a white paper that discusses the research findings and examines what will separate the winners from the losers; winners and losers will emerge not as a consequence of picking the right strategy but from aligning that scarcest resource, talent, to execute that strategy.

Business leaders need to carefully assess their own organization’s status in relation to the study’s findings, whilst at the same time considering what the ‘Next Economy’ looks like for them. Those business leaders who have the ability to close the gap between strategy and execution will have the best opportunity to achieve competitive advantage and emerge as a winner in the ‘Next Economy’.

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