New: A fashion accessory belt made from an automotive gear belt

There is something seriously heavy-duty sweeping the fashion industry. SNAPBELT. It is a belt, a fashion accessory, but what sets it apart from other belts is that it is made out of an original automotive gear belt. It can be worn anywhere, with any outfit. It will last a lifetime. The high-grade material is made out of neoprene and reinforced with fiberglass and natural fibers. It is extremely durable and highly resistant to abrasion. It makes a great belt that can be adjusted exactly to fit any wearer.

The patented belt is cleverly designed and very easy to use. Not only is it resistant to abrasion, its refined surface can also be personally engraved. It looks great with a company logo and would make a perfect gift for customers.

The innovative belt can be shortened to any length, it is reversible and it stays true to form outdoors.

SNAPBELT is sold through the German subsidiary MCI Media Consulting International Inc.Germany.

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