Top hotels in Skåne – The best rated hotels in the main towns of the region

Are you planning to visit the southernmost region of Sweden for a business or leisure trip? Do you need an advice about accommodation in the Scania region?, the online hotel reservation service with more than 210,000 hotels worldwide offers free of charge to users, often makes analyses of the top hotels in the whole world based on more than 1,500,000 hotel reviews and ratings submitted by hotel guests.

Based on our guests reviews we are glad to reveal you the best rated hotels in the main towns of Skåne: Malmö, Helsingborg, Lund and Kristianstad.

Malmö is the capital of the country and third biggest town in Sweden. Our customers recommend to stay at the “Hotel Mäster Johan”. The breakfast was very appreciated  as well as its location in the heart of Malmö.

Helsingborg is the country’s closest point to Denmark. Helsingør is the nearest Danish town, just 4 km away on the other side of the Øresund. The Danish town is clearly visible from Helsingborg. Our guests selected the “Scandic Horisont Helsingborg” as best place to stay in town mostly thanks to its friendly staff and the quality of the hotel.

Lund is the second oldest town in Sweden. Its university has a long tradition and a reputation as one of the best of the whole country. The best rated hotel in this small gorgeous town is the “Stay At Lund”. This 4 star hotel is mainly appreciated for its quality, price and location in the centre of Lund.

Sweden’s lowest point is located in the town of Kristianstad, at 2.41 meters below mean sea level. This is the reason why some parts of Kristianstad have a very modern system of water pumps and levees, to protect the city from flooding. The “Quality Hotel Grand” is referred as the best hotel in town. The guests were very satisfied with the friendly staff and the eco friendliness.

Those were the suggested hotels in the region of Skåne. If you plan to go somewhere else in the whole world and you need a place to stay, has always the right hotel offer for you!



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Directly in the heart of Landskrona, “Hotel Oresund AB” offers a delightful compromise between business and pleasure. All rooms reflect the hotel’s status as one of the largest conference and event hotels in the region with desks for working and high speed internet access beside comfortable beds. Step out from the hotel’s lobby to discover Landskrona. The Citadel and waterfront are just steps from the hotel as well as the ferry launch. The hotel offers guests the choice of packages with activities including golf, fishing and curling. Ride out through the region around Landskrona with the “Hven weekend” package, which offers guests a bicycle tour through this area’s natural surroundings.

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Morning, noon or night – you don’t have to travel far for great cuisine. Below ground, the romantic vaults of the 18th century building include a kitchen serving international cuisine producing with goods from the region in the hotel’s restaurant, Nils Holgersson. Annual events include feasts such as a goose dinner in autumn and a traditional Christmas buffet.
Close to the “Hotel Oresund AB” is a health and fitness centre, where hotel guests can work out for free.

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