Contact Imaginar for stunning results in CG Animation

Imaginar is a unique group of professional CG artists based in UK, who has joined together from around the world delivering premium quality services in CG animation. They are skilled on various CG (Computer Graphics) animation software applications, which allow them to offer an array of services in CG animation.

Equipped with years of experience, along with pool of professional CG artists, Imaginar has served some of the top-notch clients such as Nike, Puma, Sony, Shell, Honda, Budweiser and many more. As a matter of fact, they are focused to offer some of the best creative CG talent from around the world by providing its services to advertisement, entertainment and architectural industries.

Their array of services in CG animation includes:
1. 2D and 3D animation
2. 3D illustration
3. 3D Modelling and Imaging
4. 3D and 2D Motion graphic design
5. Compositing
6. Character and Concept design
7. Story boarding
8. Digital photo retouching
9. Design and branding
10. Website design and programming
11. Audio design
12. And much more…

Versatile with the expert knowledge in CG animation, they have delivered stunning solutions which are able to captivate, as well as mesmerize the audience.Their website’s portfolio is the best example describing their excellent and premium quality work in CG animation.

Besides, Imaginar’s mission is to provide an unparalleled CG animation service, which is not only excellent in quality but also illustrates their creativeness. Their strengths grow from their growing global creative talent pool, production services, the quality of their work and their close communication with their clients.
“We at Imaginar always strive to provide our client with premium quality services in CG animation. In fact, we are focused to provide stunning and unparalleled CG animation services in visually communicating our client’s creative ideas.” Stated Alex, CG Artist, Imaginar.

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