Teknomek offers clipboards and products for clean room environments

Teknomek is now offering clean room clipboards designed specifically with hygiene in mind. The stainless steel clipboards are available as portrait or landscape A4 (with or without back clips) and portrait or landscape A3 (with or without back clips).

A special A4 vet version with a kennel hanging clip and the option of a drug dispensing tray is also available. For mobile storage, an A4 version with an aluminium box and stainless steel hinged lid is also profiled.

The stainless steel manufacturer also offers clipboard hanging racks, disposable metal detectable pens, wall mountable recipe card holders available in both landscape and portrait fixtures, rulers, ring binders, and other metal detectable accessories such as calculators, highlighter pens and board markers, and stopwatches.

Furthermore, the company provides a clean room design service, helping customers make the best use of available space at minimal costs. With the company’s room design experience and dedicated 3D design department, the design team work with customers from the initial design concept through to the manufacturing process.

Teknomek can also provide a complete 3D rendering of the final design so the customer can actually see what the finished result will look like. This approach removes the possibility of project delays and last minute costs due to modifications to get the units to fit the space.

Additional details about the clean room clipboards and stainless steel equipment can be found at www.teknomek.co.uk.

Also, to order a catalogue, see contact details below:

Tel: +44 (0)1603 788833
Email: mail@teknomek.co.uk

About Teknomek

Teknomek is Europe’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel furniture and equipment. The company provides high quality and cost-effective stainless steel solutions to industry hygiene requirements for all sectors such as catering, food processing, pharmaceutical and veterinary.